Something I’m sure you’ll advise me on: bikes!

My Batavus. Love it.

I’ve just signed up to do 2 charity bike rides, a 35 mile ride in Portsmouth in June and a 50 mile ride in Swansea in September.
I didnt really consider which bike I was going to ride them on. Obviously, I was going to ride them on my trusty steed, a Batavus Tricolore. Then the friend I’m riding the 50 miler with asked if I wanted him to find out if there was any road bikes in his group of friends that I could borrow. Ey? What?

My Batavus is a Road Bike. Designed to ride on roads. Dutch roads, however, so fairly flat. It has 24 gears, hub brakes, and high quality components generally (that’s what my British LBS said anyway!). I love it like I’ve never loved a bike before. Yes it needs a bit of TLC (my saddle froze to bits last winter, my left pedal creaks) but it’s a Good Bike.

So now I’m pensively looking about. Should I get another bike? Providing I haz no money really? I don’t know if an arse-higher-than-my-hands bike would suit me. Would I ride it? And if I do look out for another bike, I’d want it to be a more old fashioned type, you know made out of metal, and nice looking. So I’d almost certainly be looking at a second hand one, surely? Should I hire one to have a go?


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I like riding my bike. I also like crafting. And talking. This probably sums it up.
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  1. If you’ve done those sort of distances on it, and been comfy, go for it Renee!

    Personally, I get more finicky about the fit of a bike past 10 miles, and downright nitpicky past 30! Unaccustomed long distance will show up anything that’s not “just so” on your current bike, unfortunately.

    A lighter bike will make it less hard work, of course – possibly that only matters if you want to go more quickly on the ride than you could on your current bike, or save a bit of energy.

  2. @WoollenTypist says:

    Maybe try 30 or 50miles on your bike one weekend and see how you feel. Might be useful to try another bike for comparison…but I think if you’re happy and comfortable on your current bike then you don’t really need another bike.
    Passed by the people doing the London to Oxford ride last year and some of them were on what some people may describe as ‘bike-shaped-object’…but they seemed happy.
    So yeah…I personally think it comes down to whatever you’re comfortable with.
    (Please note that this is just my personal opinion).

    Happy riding :)

    • Renee says:

      Thanks – I guess I’ll definitely be okay for the 35 miles – I rode a similar distance on my school/postie bike when I was younger so should be okay. Hopefully by late August I will have passed my probation at the new job and access to the bike to work scheme but whether that would be to late to swap bikes, I don’t know.

      John – there’s a good possibility my bike should be tweaked (saddle height etc) but being a ‘just get on with it’ kinda person I wouldn’t really know!

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