Day 20 – Why does everything always take so much longer than I thought?

The plan for today was to get some housework done in the morning, and then ride to Moseley Old Hall around lunch time. As usual, everything took longer than I thought, and by the time I was ready to set off it was 3pm, which wouldn’t leave me much time at all before the property would close. Plan B then.

I went to the allotment instead to start digging my potato patch. I realised there was a lot more work to be done than I’d hoped and my heart sank. How on earth am I going to get all these weeds out in a week? My potatoes and seedlings need to go in!

I also got an e-mail back from another National Trust property. I’d asked them about bike parking after I found the new visitor entrance does not include a bike rack. They were apologetic and said they were working on it. Then they asked for advice. From me, as a cyclist! I’m an advisor on cycling facilities :)

Odd things I saw:

Someone asking me for advice. Nice one!

Miles covered: 1

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I like riding my bike. I also like crafting. And talking. This probably sums it up.
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  1. Something I learned in the Army when planning anything. Estimate the time required then double it. That usually works out fine.

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